Getting Started

I know what you’re gonna say. God know the world doesn’t need another blog. And honestly, I wholeheartedly agree. However, I used to write a lot and have now totally abandoned that practice because I associate writing with academic essays. I ran a blog on blogger for 5 years and I had so much fun with that. So hey God, guess what. I’m gonna start another blog. I’m a Finnish uni student majoring in English as a foreign language. I used to write my blog in Finnish but now I’m gonna try it in English and in this post I just kinda wanna tell you what to expect. I plan to keep this short cause I wrote a goddamn novel for you all but it got deleted because apparently I mess up buttons when I’m tired enough.

I wanna keep things real so you’re not gonna find a curated, romanticized version of my life here. I’m gonna write about my life as truthfully as I feel comfortable (I’m really trying to cut back on the oversharing to strangers online-aspect of my personality). I’m not the greatest, cleverest writer and I lack the imagination to take truly beautiful photos but damn, I also can’t sing and that doesn’t stop me from singing all the time. My interests are writing, photographing, video games, a wide range of tv shows and movies and a few bands I keep listening to to the point I get absolutely tired of them.

//side-note: there was a huge bang in the hallway of my building…did someone die?

There’s gonna be another post about the actual mechanics of how I’m gonna run this blog so let it suffice to say that this is really only for my personal pleasure but I’m truly grateful and positively surprised if someone is interested in following me.


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