A Day in the Life: #2

On Thrusday I completely rearranged my flat. Of course, anyone reading this probably never saw my place before this extreme makeover, but trust me, this is a lot better. There’s also only so much I can do with my hand-me-down furniture and a few Ikea purchases. The actual room isn’t really that well planned out either but I’m not complaining, at least I have an apartment close to my University and my neighbours are quiet. (My plant’s called Mark, in case you were wondering).

The reason I even decided to start moving around furniture was because apparently, the student housing system has deleted my information for some reason and I’ve lost my place in the queue, meaning I’m not getting to move to a cheaper place in a few months but I’d have to wait another year. And that’s just…. not happening I’ll have lived here for most of my studies by then and I just don’t see the sense in moving anymore, at that point. So yeah, that was a bit of a blow cause the rent here is honestly just way too high, especially after the government decided to cut the allowance students are having now.

Anyways, I should really get back to studying now. No one’s gonna read this very interesting Enlightenment-era book for me…


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