A Day in the Life #3

I missed Tuesday’s post mostly because I am literally drowning in my Latin studies. Like, if I have to learn one more use for the ablative cause, I might lose whatever sense I have left (honestly the Latin course is the only course I’m really enjoying right now). It’s Wednesday evening and my weekend’s basically begun. Perfect time for some contemplation, I’d say.

I’ve honestly been thinking about changing my major… I mentioned this in an earlier post I think, but I just lack passion for English language and culture. I originally applied here only cause I thought I wasn’t good at anything else and it was the easy way out. However, now I’m truly feeling Ancient languages and culture. It’s just that the options for that in Finland aren’t that great. From what I understand, there’s only one university in this country where you can major in classical languages and ancient cultures. Damn. I know what my friends are gonna tell me, “just move abroad to study what you love” and like Bruh I Would But I Am Broke As Fuck.I think I’m just gonna apply to Turku for now and if that doesn’t work out then probably throw caution to the wind and move to England or whatever. I’ll keep you posted.

On a brighter note, I’m seeing Bastille next Wednesday! I was so excited when I heard they were coming to Finland and I made my friend buy the tickets when they came on sale cause I was doing an exam… And after the gig I’m gonna go to Kotka for a bit. I haven’t seen mum since Christmas break and I can honestly say I miss my family so it’s gonna be cool going there. Anyways! This was just a quick update. I’m gonna bring you another episode of Tea-time tomorrow but now I have got to get back to those conjugations or I’m never passing the Latin exam.


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