Tea-time: Kindness

Today I thought about kindness. I aspire to be kind. I really want people to think about me and go: “wow she’s really nice and friendly”. That’s the kind of…. like a legacy I’d like to leave behind. Cause you know, I’m not like, exceptionally smart or funny or pretty, I’m quite average on that front so I wanna be kind instead. It’s just that it’s really hard sometimes. I slip, I say something mean and then regret it instantly. No one can be kind 24/7 but in my very professional opinion, people should try more. In my friend group, people really take pride in being sarcastic and mean and yeah, I get joking and I get the occasional funny and sarcastic comment but c’mon guys, all the time?

It’s not cool or edgy to be mean, negative and cynical all the time. Many think that staying kind and positive is the easy way out, that it’s naive and childish but my dudes, have I got news for you. It’s one of the biggest personal struggles I’ve ever faced.

Despite my claim in the previous chapter, I’m in no way professional but I do wanna make a list of things that help me stay positive and do something nice every day. It’s so easy to just join the negativity squad that this list is a really necessary thing for me to actually remind me of the importance of being kind to people.

  1. Treat others the way you’d want them to treat you – man, I know this is cliché as hell but it’s so true. Every time I’m about to say or do something not so nice, I think about this first rule and I might stop myself before it’s too late
  2. If you’re having a crappy day and have a feeling you might snap, don’t fricking talk to people (unless you have to) – This usually works if the bad day happens to be on a day off. Obviously I have to talk to people when I go to uni but damn, if I know anything it’s to not take my frustrations out on other people. Your friends are gonna forgive you for ignoring their messages (I hope).
  3. Remember that with every interaction, you’re leaving a mark on the other person – It might never come up, but this has happened to me many times. One of my best friend said something about my funny teeth when we were kids and I still think about that today. I still cover my mouth when I laugh cause I’m so self-conscious about my goddamn teeth. Uncool. So it’s important to remember that even if you don’t mean anything bad by it, your words and your actions might still have an effect.

That’s my list in all its simplicity. It doesn’t always work for me and I keep messing things up but I wanna improve.

p.s. I’m starting to really regret setting the posting days on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but HELL I’M GONNA TRY


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