A Day in the Life #4

We made Finnish brownies today with a couple of friends! Finnish brownies are like regular brownies but with less butter and sugar and with lots more coffee. We also played a game in which we had to randomly pick songs from each other’s favourite artists that we’d never heard before. It was real nice and all but I’ve been having really bad headaches the entire day. Literally drank like, 200 liters of water so can’t be that. All I’m saying is, this better subside by tomorrow cause my train for Helsinki leaves at 9.17. I’m seeing Bastille! Super excited about that like I’m having hard time sitting still. I’ve been listening to songs from their set list and I picked out my outfit already.

I’m afraid I have to cut this short cause I need to get some sleep. However, I’m gonna try and post from my iPad while on the road cause I’m not back home until Sunday and I’m not bringing my computer, essentially because it’s so big (I wanted the screen to be big so I can play Dragon Age better).


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