I feel like writing an about page is the hardest challenge I’ll ever face on this site.

Short version:

Emmi / 21 / Joensuu, Finland / tea and book enthusiast / the worst

Long version:

My name’s Emmi. I’m from Finland and on my second year of uni. My major is English language and culture and minors are history and literature. When I say English I mean English as a Foreign language since, as you probably guessed, my native language is Finnish. I used to live in Southern Finland but uni brought me to Joensuu so here we are. I honestly don’t know what to write here. Is this dumb? Are you cringing as much as me? I really don’t have anything else to say about that stuff so let’s move on to my interests.

I loooove reading. I just haven’t got time for reading I actually enjoy what with all the English history, grammar and general history plus the reading for literature courses. Mostly I just use all the free time I have playing Sims, Assassin’s Creed and Dragon Age. That’s the truth. I’m not even sorry. I also like photography but I suffer from a severe inferiority complex and can’t get anything done. Same goes for pretty much everything.